Layout - Klaus Honeker, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter 

Klaus Honeker's interest in model railroading began in 1948, when his dad gave him 2 tracks and 2 freight cars for Christmas. A starter set would have been out of the question! Money was tight at the time in Germany. Over his early years he accumulated more items, eventually having a respectable layout. After immigrating to the US, in he early 60's the hobby just lingered on in his mind until about 10 years ago, when he restarted it in earnest by creating a layout plan with the help of  a computer program.  Design requirements included a walk around table, with trains reachable from anywhere, and high enough to service it from underneath and top as well.  Klaus found much of his original stock was less suitable and he began replacing it with more modern digital versions. After several year using the ESU ECoS control he is now using a Maerklin Central Station.  Enjoy the video below of Klaus' layout.