Layout - Erik Nilsen, Southern California Chapter

Erik Nilsen's HO Marklin layout is 8x8 feet square using the "L" girder method to support it. It's a dogbone style layout with a branchline which goes to small village and Lowenbrau Brewery. The main freight transported on the layout is of course beer. Although we don't think the Lowenbrau Executive are really excited about their product traveling in their competitors cars. But there is a demand for all beers and a shortage of refrigerated cars so the Lowenbrau folks have no choice. 
There is no shortage of travelers on the layout either. The Lowenbrau workers have only the railroad on which to travel to the city. So the railroad runs trains to and fro on the branch.  Express trains stop at the main station so the harried executives can board a local train to the junction station where they change yet again onto the branchline train. Maybe Lowenbrau should buy a railcar to speed their executives to their out of town meetings? Those French Michelon rail buses would do nicely. 
The layout is entirely digital and the track is Marklin's "C" track. The mainline is under catenary and the last of classic German steam is used on the branch. You'll see Class 01; 18 and variants; 24; 41 and 52. Of course there are electrics old and new. Two folks can operate the layout at two operater stations. Projects for the future: Add streetlights, highway grade crossing lights and some signals. Change some houses and add some new ones. This is a great layout packed with lots of fun.