ETE Modular Layouts


Transportable, sectional layouts which can be temporarily setup at public venues, has become an important aspect of he model train hobby. Many ETE local chapters active Modular Groups.  In a Modular Environment, different members of a chapter build sections of the layout.  Modules are designed in such a way that they are interchangeable with one another. allowing the group to change the configuration to meet the size and shape of the particular venue.  Generally, the Chapter itself "owns" the corner modules and layout's control panel.  Periodically, the Chapter brings their corners, and member's modular sections together, connecting them to make a large cohesive exhibit layout.

In 1977 Sacramento Chapter member Ken Blair and others pioneered the way by creating specifications for ETE's modules. Without their inspiration, there would likely not be the interest you see today. In 1992 San Francisco Bay Area Chapter member Dave Pryor spearheaded the drive for updated standards and modules. These are the standards followed by most chapter Module Groups.

You find more details on how our modular systems works by reviewing our current ETE Module Specifications.  If you have an interest in becoming involved in this aspect of ETE please contact your chapter leadership.

 If you would like to see our Modular railroads in action, look into one of the exhibit schedules noted on our Chapters pages.  There you will also find photos and videos of recent modular displays.