Layout - Ulrich Albrecht - Member at Large

Ulrich’s layout is loosely based on motives in Southern Germany, in particular the area around Hof, Bavaria.  His father started him in model railroading, and they operated a Trix Express layout for many years.  In 1983, part of the layout was converted to 2-rail DC operation.  When Ulrich moved from Germany to Auburn, Alabama, the layout moved too.  In 2008, the rest of the Trix Express system was abandoned, and a new layout was built.  It models a single track main-line with a branch line terminating in a stub-end station.  Modeled time periods are the late 50s and early 70s, although a few locomotives from earlier periods are assumed to have survived longer than in real life.  All lines on the layout have fully functional catenary.  Although it is the old Marklin type, details like tension masts and tensioners were added.  Since a Digitrax DCC system is used to run the trains, the catenary is not powered.  Finally, the signals are fully operational and controlled by the trains.