San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Module Group

Since 1992, the European Train Enthusiasts (ETE) Modular Group have displayed our HO scale European modular layout and trains at various venues around the Bay Area.  We have delighted visitors with our remarkably detailed scale versions of European landscapes including; mountains, villages, bridges, farms, trains stations, lakes and industries. Each day of our exhibitions guests are treated to a wide selection of operating locomotives, freight and passenger trains from the various countries of Europe operated by our group's members.

The ETE layout is highly portable and modular.  It is comprised of multiple standard sections which are 5 ft. x 2 ft. and incorporate folding legs which put track height at 44 inches.  Each section can be rapidly connected to those adjoining it.  Curved corner sections enable the layout to be configured in many possible shapes and sizes. Each section has been designed to be interchangeable, yet homogeneous, creating a cohesive overall look.  Because of our unique design, the layout is scalable to fit the physical size and configuration of each venue.  The layout is currently scalable from 900 to 2,100 square feet.

Technically, the layout is unique is several ways:  1) It allows the running of 2 rail DC and 3 rail AC trains, both digital and analog  2) The block signaling systems is totally automated, allowing for simultaneous running of up to 14 trains without fear of collision   3) The signaling system can be easily reprogrammed as the modules are rearranged at different venues.  4) The overhead electrical wires (catenary) are live, and electric locomotives are powered from overhead

While the group owns the corner modules, control panel and decorative show drapes, each module is designed, built, stored and transported by individual owners within the group.  The group encourages new members to create their own modular addition to the layout.  Group members assist "newbies" with detailed specifications, material procurement, work sessions, technical assistance and guidance.

Interested in finding out more, and perhaps building your own European Train module?  Reach out to the contact noted above.  WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE JOIN US !


Please enjoy our photos and videos from recent events