San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter is one of the oldest and largest ETE Chapters.  It attracts members from the South Bay, Peninsula, East Bay and North Bay counties. With over 130 members, the chapter is very active.  The Module Group puts on many events during the year.  The Chapter is also host to the annual EuroWest multi chapter event during the summer. 


The chapter typically meets the second Saturday of the month from 1-5 PM at various venues around the San Francisco Bay Area.  Exact locations and programs for the meetings are publicized in the chapter's monthly newsletter.  Contact one of the Chapter leaders for more details.

Annual Dues:

$20 or $35. (Local Chapter dues $10 +  National ETE dues of $10 with electronic EXPRESS magazine, or $25 for mailed paper copy)  Send dues to: ETE, 15351 Charmeran Ave., San Jose, CA  95124.

Module Group:

The chapter has a VERY active sub-group that builds and displays a sectional modular layout. You can find more information about them by following this link: San Francisco Bay Area Module Group

 Please enjoy our photos and videos from recent events